Projects Future Plans will include what you see and much more.

I am going to run a adjustable ladder bar coil over rear suspension.
Up front I already have the Pinto/ Mustang II suspension welded in.
Out back the rear frame rails are made and installed.
A 12 point roll cage will be installed.
I will be running a blown 1958 392 Hemi backed by a 4oo turbo tranmission
Back to a narrowed 9" ford rear fitted with 4:86 gears.
The wheels are weld rodlites 15x6 front and 15x15 rears wrapped with m/t 33-21.50 sportmans. The color of the paint is going to be 2001 Chrysler Ruby Red.

Things I may need in the future are.

Of course any help from anyone who has done anything like this would be great.
Also would be interested in finding a good soild pair of rear quarters.
My goal is to to keep the Henry J a all steel car if I can.

As a note to others.
There is a company that I have heard of named Rod'n Race
They are thinking about doing a all glass Henry J body.
They already do the doors,trunk lid, rear quarters,and a one peice front end.
Their phone number is 410-796-4382.
They also have a web site
Maybe they can help someone.

Pewterbaugh William
Bills 1951  Henry J Project