1951 Henry J Kaiser 'Dragon J'

Builder and Owner:    Gary bond <gary_bond@adair-casey.k12.ia.us>    

Gary did all the work himself and loves to drive and show off his Henry.


Body -    Top Chopped 4" front sloped to 0" at rear.
                 Drip rails, trim, handles, bumpers removed.
                 Door tops cut off and welded to body for pillar-less look.
                 Tail lights tunneled in 2 3/4" tube.
                 Frenched headlights in '56 Ford rings.
                 Gas filler moved to trunk.
                 Rear fenders extended 3", Fronts shortened 2"-body line removed.
                 Pro street scoop added and hood leading edge smoothed.
                 Rear view mirrors fabricated from '54 GM taillight pods.
                 Custom made rear valance, license mount, rockers W/ Scoops.
                 Hand made bumpers
                 Grille moved back 2".
                 Remote actuated doors and trunk Power.
                 Wheel arch modified to fit tire.

Paint-      Purple thistle metallic ghost flames.
                 Airbrushed multi-colored dragon mural on deck lid.
                 Dragon graphic on dash silver lacquer semi-gloss grille and bumpers.

Interior-  Dash filled and smoothed- lightning rod on passenger side.
                 Over head console w/Cyberdyne digital gauges, speedo and tach.
                 Honda front seats, custom made back Upholstered w/ amythest tweed and plum vinyl.
                 Charcoal headliner w/tweed flame insert.
                  Fabricated flame armrests front- boxed armrest rear.
                 Silver pile carpet
                 Naiser Saber billet steering wheel.
                 Gargoyle on rear deck
                 Custom made aluminum panels for switches and column drop
                 Stereo: Clarion head, 6CD changer, Purple Pioneer amp in trunk.
                  Infinity Kappa-6X9's rear, 12" sub in trunk, 6 1/4" fronts.

Engine - Chevy 350 4 bolt main bored to 355
                 TH400 transmission
                 B&M z-gate shifter w/dragon ball
                 Chrome: B&M aluminum air cleaner.
                 Valve covers engraved w/dragons.
                 Blue anodized dress up caps.
                 Braided stainless hoses.
                 Aluminum fabricated boxing panels.
                 Fan shroud w/rolled beads.

Chassis- Mustang II power rack & pinion.
                  Disk brakes.
                  Carrera coilovers.
                  Dropped 4 1/2" front, 1/ 1/2" rear.
                  8" Maverick Grabber rearend.
                  Lakewood Bars.
                  Gas shocks.
                  Boyds 3-spoke Ninja rims  15x5 front, 15x10 rear.
                  Mickey Thompson tires/ 26x7.5LT front, 29x12.5LT rear
                  Neon under body accent lighting.