Less than a week later, it's almost drivable.

Well not quite.

It can be started but it still needs a few parts.

I am Just reassembling the car to see what is missing. Then I can take it back apart and restore it.
Green Ebay Henry J
Never been rechromed and still in Great shape.
Covered in primer dust and its got a dent in the back. Very easy repair.
No seats I have a front one but I need a back one.
Does anybody have a fold down rear seat  for a 51 HJ?
Here is a picture of the engine out of the old Red Henry J now in the Green one. The entire drivetrain from the Red one is now under the Green one.  Not quite visable in the picture on the right is the new frame for the Red Project J.  Its going to be some time before I can get any real work done on the Green HJ so for now it gets to set in its plastic cocoon and wait till I can find some of the missing parts.