Brings home a 1953 Henry J

    These pictures are from the Reynolds museum in Wetaskiwin. For years they collected all the cars they could find and none of them were for sale, In 1999 all the rough stuff went up for sale! The cars ranged from about 1910 to the 50`s and there were 600 of them. These pics are from when my daughter and I went there to get one, the 51`s were donated to another museum before I got there so I took a 53 I towed it home 500 miles.

Here are the pics of it`s move.

The above picture shows my other 53 It will go in my shop next fall, I want to power it with something different. Thoughts include a 390 or 428 Ford with aluminum heads and manifold to keep the weight down. Or 308 Hudson six bored and stroked to nearly 390 cu in. The Quarter panels on my black Henry J are near perfect so they are put away. I used some not so perfect panels that were allready cut out on that car,so now I have all juicy parts for my blue 53.