Effect added due to problems with Photo.
Hairy Cherry Update

The cowl has been torched to clear the Pontiac 350.
Even the Data Plate has been cut in half (By previous owner)
Yes thats is a Pontiac 350 in there. the cowl has been torched across to both sides. (By previous owner)
Lower cowl has been torched on both sides to allow clearance for Pontiac Firewall. Note Pontiac Ventura lower inner fender and Henry J top half inner fender bolted together to support steel front fenders. (By previous owner)
Pontiac Ventura front brakes and Sub-Frame.
Brake pads and rotor rusted together.
Also lower half of Ventura inner fender.
Latest  Addition:
Fiberglass Tilt Front Clip.

A real find, 60's style complete with teardrop Scoop.
Looks like Mike's has got his work cut out for him.