This picture is my 1953 HenryJ that I bought in August 1967 when I was 16. I drove it until Oct of that year, I had no drivers licence but that didn`t seem to matter.I`ve always dragged it around when ever I moved or had it in storage, So this is going to be the ultimate ride and I`m going to start on it this coming winter.
   Here`s a picture of my shop. Yes that`s a willy`s pickup. It`s not mine though. I have a 1967 Sunbeam tiger that I`ve had for 20 years and I`m going to sell it to finance this project. The black Henry was a quick fix for a HJ fan and as crude as it is by today`s standards I love burning the streets in it.
   Here`s a couple of rough pictures of HJ`s that didn`t make it. The first one is a 52 Vagabond that ended it`s life here in Prince George It was so rusty that when you took the interior side panels off you could look through and see the rear wheel. The second one is a 4 cyc 52 that had 21,000 miles and had 1956 plates on it. It had been rolled and was poorly fixed, I took out the floor and used it in my black 53.