Earl and his J
    Here's a picture of my Henry J in the Fall of 2002. I drove all over Alberta and British Columbia this summer. "A lot of fun" - In Central Alberta some one ran into the right Quarter panel. Didn't hurt the bumper or taillight; Wew. when I got home I got it fixed right away.

     In my travels I saw a few more cars and the first one is in a town called Vanderhoof, right in the middle of B.C. another one in a hot rod shop in Kelowona B.C. one from Chilliwack B.C. I stopped in on the smashed trunk Henry in Wetaskiwin Alberta Still there! Right now I'm tearing my car down for some improvements. the picture you see here it still has most of it's original paint. The car lived all it's life way up north in Watson lake. Yukon territory.It drives great and is a hit wear ever it goes.