I heard about this car from a friend of a friend of a friend and when this happens it always turns out to be a Studebaker. But one sunny day in October my girl friend and I set out to find this one, not really knowing where it was, only the general area. It seems farmers and ranchers all know each other. I found the place and walked through the farm yard to talk to them.
Here's how it went.

" A HenryJ, sure we have one of those. It's at the old home stead" I asked if I could see it and take a few pictures. Joe said sure." Drive about a mile past their house stay to the left You'll see the old farm house Go past that and up the hill in the bush you'll find it."
We've all heard it before

"I know were one of those Henry J's are!!"
I don't know how many of those dead ends I've chased down.

Here is Earls story as he tells us of his latest find.

   After we looked the J over and took some pictures. We drove back to the farm house to talk to Jim. Well he says the car wouldn't be for sale, you see his wife took her drivers test in that car and maybe when he retires he will restore it. They drove it for about 10 years in the mid 50's to the mid 60's and when Jim's wife took her driving test. The test was given by the local police dept, when she tried to park it the clutch pedal stuck to the floor on the left turn. The police officer told Jim " your wife is a good driver but you had better buy her a better car!"