Update  11-24-2003

The class shown here working on the all important frame thats going to harness
the HP and give control to the Project J.

Class notes
A decision needed to be made. Custom fit the frame to the body with the body mounted,
or measure, measure and measure again and work with the body off.
After some discussion it was decided that completely removing the body from the
frame is the best way to tackle the critical measuring and other work to be done.

Henry Pozzuoli
West Haven High School
West Haven, Connecticut

The steering box and its related linkage are going to be removed in order to make room for the Hemi. Both the steering box and the oil filter are problems that need to be worked on.

That group is ready to start work now.
The Henry J was put in the air the body strapped to
the rafters and the lift was lowered down.
The complete frame is now accessible.
After some intense measuring some temporary braces were welded in. These also served as ways to square the frame and figure our critical frame cuts.
Bracing and making sure the frame will be sqaure is important to how a car handles at the track.
Now for the first cut, to make ready for the new sub frame.
Even though the Henry J frame is quite sturdy and a fine platform for many projects. Its now removed to make way for the new stronger, adjustable 4 link rear sub.
Rear sub is now pre mounted and ready to be set.
West Haven
High School
Project J