Update  12-2-2003

The Class shown here, working on the frame and fitting the body.

As you will see the Class has been working hard and its paying off already.
Lot's of math, measuring and re-measuring cutting and fitting.

Henry Pozzuoli
West Haven High School
West Haven, Connecticut

The Class is still looking for a Fiberglass front.
If anyone knows were to get one.

Email Henry and let them know

West Haven
High School
Project J

Henry Pozzuoli would like to thank everyone that has helped with the project so far.

  Some ex-students have taken an interest. One, a certified welder helped with the welding and another who has crewed with a race team has given us steering direction.
  He also thanks a few of you Henry J owners that have given your time and answers to help bring the project along.

  With this help and possibly a few Pizza Saturday sessions. The plan its to have the drive train fitted and on four wheels before the Christmas Holiday. The engine and transmission will be pulled for rebuilds and upgrades while we return to floors etc.

  Header flanges came in today, and if we can get things tacked together the company that our welder works for said they would complete the job.

Special Thank You

Henry Pozzuoli and the Class would like to extend a
Special Thank You to Moser Engineering:

"Moser Engineering bailed us out big time doing machine work on our rear end and new axles. The kids and I appreciate the cooperation and help that,
Moser Engineering has given our project".

Web Link: http://www.moserengineering.com/
After figuring out center lines, ride height and checking for square we cut the old frame. I think that was the hard part for me, But, as one of the kids said we could always weld it back on! It took them another couple of days to place the subframe in place, and again re-check our figures.
Then it was time to weld and grind, checking each weld and bracing where we could. All that measuring paid off! It fit pretty darn good!
Old rear end and Frame.   ...Nice Hemi...
New Rear end and Frame. Mounted and almost ready for the body to be fitted.
Before you order anything more, you have to measure for Axel length and Tire Clearance.

The rear end has been narrowed and axles ordered thru Moser.
Making room for the new 4 Link Rear end.
  It was a little hectic getting the body prepped to be replaced on the frame. We found that it was easier to take it apart, but all things considered it slid 
(not dropped) into place. It was good to get it back down.
Future Plans:

Next is fitting the Hemi.  Cutting the fire wall will be involved.
I hope to get a couple of groups planning new brake lines and redesigning the steering (we removed the steering box).