Update  12-15-2003

The Class shown here, working on the Engine cover and Trans tunnel placement.

West Haven
High School
Project J
    The differential is back along with a box of header tubes that were mistakes (courtesy of Stalhs ).

We are going to use the bends from the reject header tubes in the fabrication of our headers. One team wants to continue with the sheet metal work so that will be completed soon.

A few guys are looking over the twisted pipes trying
to plan how to start the headers.

The Hemi is taking up some interior space.
In the following pictures the class is shown planning how to construct a new firewall console / drive shaft tunnel.
Welding the Trans and Drive shaft cover.
Some more dry fitting.
The class has completed about 85% of the inside sheet metal for the covers.
Rear Differential shown here seems to be ready to go. after some repairs.
Future Plans

   We are trying to get everything to a point that will allow us to pull the power unit out for rebuilding by the first week in January. After that The Class will get some time off for the Holiday and some think time. Things have been moving a little to fast and some planning was not as complete as we would like. The time off will help us collect our thoughts.

During the time off we will be thinking of how to mount our steering column and were the brake and gas pedals will be placed. No plans were made for them so far????? I think a little brain storming will be necessary along with some creative torch work.

The housing is 37 inches wide without the axles in.
The Auto Shop Class of West Haven High School. Wishes everyone a very  Happy Holidays.
Henry Pozzuoli
West Haven High School
West Haven, Connecticut