CHOPPED HENRY-J PRO-MOD BUILT 1/25th  Item number: 3164656484  
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United States /Tampa-St. Petersburg 

This model was made from the Revell 1951 Henry-J Saints 1/25th kit. Some of the many modifications are chopped roof, fabricated windows, doors were molded to the body, front and rear spoilers, rear bumper and air foil around blower were fabricated. Engine is 16 plug blown Hemi Chrysler that has plug wires and fuel lines. Tranny is 4-speed Lenco. Chassis was fabricated from a Revell Pro-Mod kit. Model has detailed interior. Body is painted black with a nice assortment of decals applied from various kits and then clear coated with 4 coats of clear enamel, which is smooth as glass. The car has different headlights added. The duel parachutes have cables and cords added. A lot of time and work went into this "Award Winning" one of a kind model.