West Haven Project Fans

Update  2-15-2004

   It seems as though we have slowed down to a crawl on the out side but in fact there is
so much going on its hard to keep tract of were we are.  The complete drive train has been removed.

  Rebuilds are in the works for the motor, trans and differential. It took some time to get the Hemi into small chunks that could be handled and shipped to the machine shop.The motor has been align bored after a good cleaning. Magnafluxing showed no problems so the block was bored .060" over . Parts are a little hard to find but I have a crew of telephone and internet researchers at work all the time.

   We have a 2x4 intake and a pair of carbs, new timing chain and a cover to convert to BB Chevy water pump. We are waiting for the new pistons and cam kit to get here. Past students have offered help prepping the transmission and getting the Ford 9" refit with 411 gears. We have a radiator being fabricated by Trans Pro a local radiator manufacturing specialists just for our application. Scott Kasper the companies engineer came out to the school to see the project. With all the variables and changes, he thought it best to take some measurements and crunch the numbers himself to make sure the hemi gets cooled. We thought all we needed was a radiator that would hold water.

   The main part of the body is back were it belongs and the construction of tubs and new rear floors are in progress. The nose is being difficult and will require some surgery. Speed Direct is giving us some directions regarding rack and pinion conversions.  We still have not placed the steering column or found a place to install the brake pedal. We have a replacement door from Tex to get mounted.

  Some Henry J projects cars have modifed the door window frame and looks like someting we would like to do, we would like to know more about how to do this. If any one has the best way to help us email me and let me know.

  The car is getting a national flavor to it, we have parts from about eleven different states now.  

Again if anyone has any information about changing the window frames on the doors to fixed mount please drop us a note.

Henry Pozzuoli