West Haven Project Fans

Update  3-18-2004

The kids are back in high gear. The drive shaft tunnel and fire wall are about 80%
complete with just a couple of pieces to make.

The block of the motor is about ready and the heads are being ported. The pics are
of the bottom end after balancing and the top with new pistons installed 10.5 to 1.
The two  fours and manifold are ready to top off the block.

The roll bar is in the works and will help stiffen the frame. We don't have a fancy
bender just put the piece in the lift and heat, but bend it slow.

The tubs are fitted and we will finish welding them as we install the rear floor.
They fit 29x18.5x15s inside. The rack and pinion is almost ready to mount and the
brake parts have just arrived. The is lots of aluminum to wet sand and polish while
we figure out where to put the pedals and steering wheel. The radiator and ignition
system are in route. Should be a busy April.

Would like info as to custom door window treatment?

Henry Pozzuoli