West Haven Project J

Update 5-12-2004

The Kids have made major advances on the Henry J.

We were able to get the car onto a new laser frame machine for free.
The shop made sure that it was straight, plum, square and most of all ready for the road.

The rear end is complete, we installed a set of 4:11 posi gears in our ford 9".
The brakes are physically in with emergency brake cables set on the car and plumbed to the front.

The Mickey Thompson's are 29x18.5 x15s mounted on 14" wide Convo Pro wheels we bought used.

They made a new tilt set up for the front that is much stronger and was welded into hood to help brace it.
Its fitted in and works well.

We will complete the bracing and body work after the motors in.

Surprisingly the hood lines up pretty good but needs lots of body work.

We still need to place the brake pedal and steering column. We are still waiting for
the motor to set the radiator, make the headers and route the steering shaft.

Henry Pozzuoli

Special Note:

The West Haven High School would again like to thank Companies that have helped us
to continue the Henry J project.

        Moser Engineering                www.moserengineering.com
Mr. Gasket                                www.mrgasket.com
Transpro Radiators               www.transpro.com
Mickey Thompson                 www.mickeythompsontires.com
Speed Direct                            www.speeddirect.com

Group Photo of the Class
Working on the rear drums
Pluming the Rear brakes and E-cables
Ford 9" in place
and tubbed
New Front  Tilt brace installed
Working better and safer with a stronger brace and hinge
Tires are mounted to the Rims and ready to install on the J
Mounting those Meats on the car
Plenty of work to go