Kaiser Frazer national held in Auburn Indiana.

Lots of Nice cars and even Nicer J's

I took some pictures and had alot of fun. Here are some pictures that I took of the Henry J's.

Other special Items I saw.

Tom Wilsons  AMP car the Henry J proto type.

The BatMobile    Frazer Custom
Darrin Line up
Frazer Tillers
Misc Pictures

I did not really have a hard luck story, but I did
get caught in really bad rain on the way home.

Rain and More rain.

Glenn W
Hal N
Harold G
Lowell F
Steve C

Gary Becks
Paul H
Mac Wells
Henry Alexander and Me I should have taken better pictures.
You can see better pictures of mine and Henry's right on this site.

Group Shots.
Henry J line up There was to much in the way to get a head on shot.