West Haven Project J

Another Xmas Break and the project continues
Update 12-23-2004

   The kids have worked more with their pencils so far this year and it should pay off  in the new year. They have spent time measuring for engine placement and correct angles. They also have tried to figure engine horsepower from the specs that we have on the motor. I plan to dyno the beast once the headers are finished and we will see who came the closest. When they get back  I think they have a workable plan. The Hemi is located and the mounts ruffed in.

   The header flanges required some modification and are now bolted in place. The header fabrication has started but I wont let the crew cut until they check clearances for steering, brakes, tires etc. Some of the class is getting a little weird and need time off. We took the motor to a show and the new guys were surprised at its size when they moved it with a Ranger PU. All the students are looking forward to some time off. Things should move very fast when they get back.

Looking forward to a more productive new year.

Henry Pozzuoli
West Haven High School
West Haven, CT