Ervine Fideler Newest Henry J
and its a special one

Edgar Kaiser's Henry J bought from  Edgar Kaiser Jr.
Details here in a email from Lowell

    There was an article in the KFCO Quarterly back in 1999 about 2 Henry Js that were owned by the Kaiser family.  One was Edgar Kaiser's, the one my dad now owns, and the other was one built to look like Edgar's and was a present for Henry J Kaiser himself and it was completed, in yellow, with black leather, just like the one my dad now has. That car has a black racing stripe (Edgar's did too but it has since been repainted) and Keystone mags and has been owned by Bud Flanik in Washington state since 1968 when he purchased it from HJK's widow. The article in the Quarterly made no mention of Blanche's car so I wonder  what the deal is with it?  Seems I remember someone saying it was built for Edgar but he never took delivery on it or something like that????  It looks  exactly like the one my dad just purchased from Edgar Kaiser Jr. (he's been  working with him to buy the car since 1998 when he found it in Seattle) so  we absolutely know this car belonged to Edgar Kaiser Sr. till he died in 1981.   It's a pretty neat car and highly "enhanced" for a Henry J. It's a K514 but has had all the features of a 1953 added to it.

Lowell Fideler
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Link to the other Edgar kaiser car.
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More details as we find out more on this and the other J.