My old Henry J race car

Mon, July 4, 2005

   I am searching for any info on my old race car Honk'en Henry J. I live near Sacramento,CA and I ran it at Sac raceway in the late 70's to early 80's. any info would help.

Updated 8-14-2006

    Story of my H.J. The old Gasser was first built in  the late 70's.The unknown builder put up a parting out race car add on the bulliton board at Tognotties auto world here in Sacramento,CA .At that time I was in seaching for B.B Hipo parts for my 70 Roadrunner. He had A 392 Hemi Alky  injected, from the Henry-J. Great Price $900.00, So I thought-Rod thru the side,Trashed Fuel Injection Set-up.  Any way I was the first to responed to the add and before the H-J was parted-out I scored it for $1000.00. With  the help from my Friend-Teacher-neighbor- Willie Alley -Mopar Master- Builder of a  68 Max-Wedge Cuda in the 70's named the !Carolina Cuda! God rest his sole,  we were in the middle of building a 426-Max-Wedge for the Roadrunner. We  ran the 10 seconed car at Sac Raceway in the early 80's.Time for me to go into the Army. Pulled the B.B, put in A strocker Small Block Chevy-Never ran it. Sold  the Honk,en Henry-J. That was the last time I  ever saw my Car.

Ray Walker

UPDATE: February 18, 2009

    I think my Henry J is the same one as described by Ray Walker. I bought the body in about 1990 through the Sacramento Bee in  Sacramento, CA. After I sanded through a coat of yellow paint were  the words "Honk'en HenryJ". I rebuilt it and drag raced in California. Now we reside in Durand,  Illinois.

Gary Kittner