Roger and his dads 1951 Henry J.

   I am putting a 496 cubic inch big block chevy engine in the car with a 2 speed power glide w/5500 stall converter. The car only weighs 2600 pounds without driver. We are hoping to run in the high to mid 9 second range we ran 9.95 at 134 mph with mild  tuneup on the last set up and this new one is about the same but only now the car is going to be certified to run in the 9s.

Here is some pics of the car now and when it  was in the accident and was smashed in the front end after the trailer hitch broke on the motor home towing it out to the super chevy show. The car was  brand new with new motor and new paint job. After the accident we put a  mustang 2 front end with rack & pinion stearing and disk brakes in the front  and back of the car. The old front end was a drop straight axle with drum  brakes. It got bent in the accident along with the front of the frame. We  also put in a ford nine inch and took the old oldsmobile rear end out of the  car so the car would be hard to break from the front to the rear. We ran the car for one season and I  wanted to repaint the car again. So we freshened  up the old motor and gave her some new paint. We went from old school flames  to new school flames. I think it looks better now then before.

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July 11, 2005