Mike's Henry J

Under Construction

      I am building a J of my own I started 1/9/05 I have gotten this far as of 10/3/05   

      My dad has two Henry J's, he got them in or around 1970 they have been rusting in peace since then. One was a parts car the other was the fixer upper but as it turned out over the years he found the rest of the parts to fix both. So I got the parts car it was in bad shape the rocker panel fell off while it was on the car trailer going to my dads shop. I now have most of the rust cut out and have replaced the rocker panels. I built the frame using an S-10 front clip and the rest is Art Morrison 2x4 frame rails the rear is a 4 bar with Alden coil over shocks. I am going to put a 383 cid Mopar under the hood I am tired of seeing all the hot rods with 350 Chevy's       

"mike ladara" <mladara@sbcglobal.net>
Date:   Thu, October 6, 2005 9:04 am