Henry Alexander
Fiberglass Henry J body

     I am considering producing a fiberglass HenryJ body and wish to gage  the level of interest to determine whether i can justify the considerable  expense in preparation of a mold. Please read and respond to the following  questions. Also I will welcome any questions or suggestions.

1.) I plan to make the body with the quarter panels as an integral part of the body rather than as seperate removable panels. Do you agree or would you like to see the quarter panels as seperate components?

2.) The HenryJ was first available as a no trunk model. It would be les  costly to produce the mold with out the trunk. Would you prefer a trunk or would a no trunk body be acceptable?

3.) I plan to be able to provide the body with full radiused wheel well openings similar to my car or stock rear wheel openings. Making the mold  interchangeable increases the cost. Should this option be made available?

4.) I plan to make the body with a rolled rear pan with a recess for the license plate. Would you prefer the rolled pan or that I duplicate the  stock rear body lines?

5.) I plan to make the firewall recessed with sufficient room to accept a blown small block with an  approximate 15% engine setback. Would a stock firewall option be desirable?

6.) We would like to begin construction of the mold after Christmas for availablility by summmer. Is this body something you would be interested in if it were available?

7.) We plan to offer body and frame (rolling chassis) cars as well as bodies only.

     I will submit the results of this survey to Mike for publication after a reasonable time for your response. My decision can only be made with some awareness of the potential market for this body so I encourage you to respond soon if you would like to see this body available.
                             Thanks for your help
                             Henry L. Alexander

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Henry L. Alexander
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