West Haven Project J

Update 10-26-2005

It's been awhile but I have a new group of students and they have given the project some new ideas. Funds are tight but we are on the move again. The "to do" list is up and the class is making plans. FIRST item, they want to hear the Hemi run and I must admit that music would get us all motivated. With that in mind the headers are being fabricated. The drivers side is ruffed in and the passengers side is about fifty percent. We are using slotted pieces of pipe with hose clamps to hold the sections together until welding. We all agree that fender well headers will be different and fit our over all plan.  The collectors will be under the pedals with a bolt on muffler that turns out just ahead of the rear wheels. Stahl header company
www.stahlheaders.com donated a box of bent pipes that we are making good use of. The students are cutting and fitting each piece, our hose clamp fasteners work great as a temporary way to hold the parts together. Hopefully our next note will show completed headers.

Henry Pozzuoli
West Haven High School
West Haven, CT