Scooby Doo, 51 Henry J
Drag car Project.

Date:   Thu, January 5, 2006 3:53 pm

My name is Daniel Sullivan and i work for James Bersani Enterprices in cicero NY, we are a small race car shop that builds anything from custom bikes to full on drag cars, we are at the present time building a 51 Henry J for a gentle men from utica NY, the car campained in the late 60's under the name King Henry. It change hands a few times and about 10 years ago it came to the present owner, as you will see from the pictures it was a tipical 60's drag car. The car had many motor combo's, today it has a big block MOPOWER, the car was cut up from the many different owners and it was a hand full to drive, the owner said he wanted to keep the rear end, 58 OLDS, the trunk lid, steel and the body , from there, do what you will do he said, so we have.

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