Michael's Henry J

A 1951 Henry J project car, bought from original owner, with all paperwork and original owner's manual and bill of sale. The original 4 cyl Jeep engine has been carefully rebuilt and includes manifold and carb, distributor, new fuel pump, needs a freeze-plug, but ready to install and run. Transmission and driveline all complete and all body parts, radiator, clutch, flywheel are in the car including misc items like original radio. It  just needs body and paint, interior and reassembly. The car is white, and has a trunk. Hood, bumpers and grill all intact will need re-assembling. Brakes will be needed, but new master cylinder comes with car. The original owner's grandson-in-law, a Ford mechanic, began the project, but left off after restoring engine and upholstering all seats and backs in black and white leatheret. Whoever buys this car will be second owner when original title is transferred, since I have not transferred into my name at this point.  The car is straight with only minor dent in passenger side rear fender caused by backing a small trailer into it. It has some obvious rust showing but floorboard is in good shape and rust is not as deep as it may look. It  was kept under roof for the most part last few years. Frame is in great condition. I will be happy to send additional pics upon request, and answer questions you might have. All in all, this car is complete and in very restorable condition. Engine work and seat covers have been done.

Date:   Wed, April 19, 2006 6:53 am