From:   "Sam Heitz" <>
Date:   Sun, June 11, 2006 5:14 am

   This is my first attempt at a serious hot rod so any place I can get info is greatly appreciated.
   Here is my 52 J. I found it in an for sale ad.  It had set behind a barn and was home to probably a million mice which jumped ship as soon as we moved it from where it had been resting. The floors and whole undercarrage was basically shot so we removed the body. The rockers and rocker panels I made myself i, it is sitting on a S&W race  chassis with 14" slicks in the back. I plan to put a 440 & 727 power plant under the hood. I'm not planning much body work,the way you see it is the way it's gonna run, I like my cars nicly roached.