Project Allstate 

    Its been along time since I purchased the car. Wasen't quite what I was told it would be when I went to pick it up but hey dreams are often better than reality but for the most part the lady tried to keep it up and going.Very glad I found and bought it.

  I put the car away for along time to pour my resources into the Original project to finish that one first.

Thanks again dad for the hard work on that one!!!
Original project

  Since that one is almost done its about time to start this one again. It will be awhile before its done just as the first project took time to make it right, this one will be far harder to do.

Basic history recap...
They guy selling the womans car. Per phone conversation said all the following worked and was in good shape. Found following opposit of what he told me on the phone. Can't for the life of me figure out why he would think I would not notice when I got there? Again I had to have it.

Engine did not run.
Brakes not functional
Fuel line rusted out
Super bad mice smell
Floor wasted
Holes in the sheet metal body and front fenders have bondo.

Its out of storage and ready to begin.
Washed off a ton of dust. Still had a strong smell of mice even with the seats out and nests removed. Found a product to help with that. Woolite Pet Stain and odor remover. Sprayed the inside with a light mist everywhere even the headliner and stuff in trunk. Left the windows down and walked away for two days. Came back and the smell was completely gone! OMG that stuff works.
First step have to figure out what condition the engine is in.
It did run for a few when I got it home in 2002, so I know it can run.

Can it run now is another story.
1.  It turned over easy enough by hand.
2.  Its got oil in the pan. No Anti freeze there.
3.  Radiator has and holds Anti Freeze
Now to get it running. 
Replaced some key components
1. Original Autolite coil. It was toast.
2. Spark plugs with Autolite 295 ... same as Champion J8 
-oiled cylinders-
3. Battery
4. Rebuilt carb: Replaced accelerator pump and cleaned out every port.
Adjusted evertything. Float, accelerator pump, metering valve, choke etc.
5. Cleaned every electrical contact in ignition system under hood. --Sanded--
6. Cleaned points with folded paper. Just brushed it threw the contacts.
If you haven't noticed its running in these pictures 
The engine fan is the giveaway.

After all that the engine fired up on Either without much effort. Excellent!
Put a gallon gas can with a hose to the Fuel pump and it drew gas right to the carb. Then started and puffed a bunch of blue smoke. But ran without a miss and smooth with no smoke. Starter may need brushes it has a hard time turning over the engine.

Temporary Seat for a quick trip around the house.
It moves but will not shift and has no brakes.. with a wave to the neighbors 
Yeehaa!!!..its Rolling.
Gonna have to replace or rebuild that shifter box. Tranny Shifts easy if I move those levers by hand. But the shift  lever only works to put the car in gear not out of gear.
Those seats smelled horrable of mouse but a couple applications of the pet stain and odor remover  everywhere worked on those to. No smell at all left in the seats so the seats are back in the car.