J.D's Pro Street project

J.D is getting close he's been thrashing on the J for race season and should
be on the track in July, Here is what he has done right now.

There are a lot of pics here and heres the rundown in his words.

I made the nose slide 6 inches to clear the doors when tilting ( I don't like cutting the fenders for
clearance )  That's a connecting rod out of a friends pro mod holding the column. I don't have the time for the injection this year so its going out with a 4 barrel.there is a few pics with my dads cars in them the red one is a 1947 fiat 1100e it runs 10.20s w/a 383 small block stroker motor. the purple one is an 1948
Austin a40 1 of 5  known surviving of 8 all fiberglass cars molded in 1968 will be out in July with me. ohh and I found my vin tag its an allstate the number is A 230 10000015 if you could tell me if that means it was car #15 built or what that would be great 
Thanks again,
J.D. Lang