Henry J For Sale

      Tony has another henry he has decided to sell. This Is an odd car In between the model years change.  

    Rare car It's complete except for 2 headlights,front bumper radiator and engine block.trans are still there and rolls just fine. Car steers like new. Very solid car way underpriced at
$3500. This car Is really rare since It's In between the model year change, whats odd about the car Is that It has a trunk but no glove box. Everyone knows that these cars had a trunks and glove boxes In late 1951 only the early 51's didn't have glove boxes. Solid car the doors haven't even dropped so the cowl Is solid and sturdy like new.car needs very minor floor work and body dings fixed. It will also need outer rocker panels which are less then typical shape they have little spots here and there of rust. Could be patched but to be show they will need to be changed. Cars door handles work and windows roll up and still work just fine.

Date:   Sat, November 18, 2006 2:55 pm