Updated photo's of Blue Tango

Here are a few updated pictures of The Blue Tango car... Read more history at the bottom of the page.

Scott Yust
Date:   Thu, January 18, 2007 1:04 pm
Alum Head 406 Cui Chevrolet
Hilborn Fuel Injection
12.75-1 comp
Powerglide/all Cone internals
4500 Stall Conv Cone pro Brake
9" Ford rear-end Adjustable Ladder bars, with floaters
4.88 gear/ spoil

Car has Fiberglass Nose
Lexan Glass
Alum Interior
Car Weighs 2350lbs

Turning 1.45sec  60 foot marks, running in the 11.00's
Car has won C/GAS classes at Indy, Bowling green, National Tail, and
Thompson OH

Car was build and raced in The early  60's By Toke Landrum..
Back then the car was running a 318 cui flathead, Alcohol three deuce
setup and Three speed trans
Running in the low 12sec's..
Toke told me he raced the car 110 times at the track for the year, and
won 107 times with the car