Ed's 1953 Henry J

Ed's words

     The J has all cop car stuff in it.1995 fuel injected ford 4.6 sohc motor with overdrive it gets 26  miles to the gallon I kept the original interior with the column shifter the car is faster than a cat  with his butt on fire and it also has been seen doing burnouts all the way across many hotel parking lots along the east coast.

    Its time to do the body work this winter, by the spring it will have a 60's style paint job done by down in flames in Connecticut. Currenty it has a front snub from fatman with mustang front end parts with air ride in all four corners and an amc 20 rear out  of a 69 amx posie. The wiring harness is from Scott at the detail zone he makes a good harness no problems in 2 days the car was running it only took a month to get  the nerve up to start the wiring I'm not really a electrical expert.

   I really like going places in this car its fun to watch the people try to figure it out. I also  like talking about the car I also have a 27 steel roadster that I took a 1706  mile road trip in this past year but that's another story  here is a picture of that car.

Date:   Tue, December 5, 2006 5:08 am