Rons' project
Date: May 8, 2007

       I spent the pastweekend working on the right front fender and fabricating patch  panels for the rear lower corner.  Compound curves are a challenge.  I am not repairing my fenders except where it is structurally required.  I needed to repair my rear lower corners of my front fenders because of the mounting point at the bottom of the front door posts.  My right rear fender looks like cottage cheese along the rear lower seam and my front fenders are a bit thin along the seam below the headlights but I am just sandblasting the rust away and priming adds to the "rat" look.  I bought an NOS right door from Carl Hering and he is bringing it to the Natl Convention in Chicago in July and Rudy Philips will be bringing it back to the West Coast.  My left door is almost perfect and I think you can tell by the pictures that the rest of the body is pretty solid at this point.  I am expecting my new radiator to arrive any day which will allow me to do the final positioning of the engine and then I can remove the body for one last time, finish the welding, and do the necessary metal prep and priming.  At that point the car will start going back together.  I think I mentioned previously that I have all the upholstery necessary to finish the interior and I have all the trunk, rear qtr, door, kick panels finished.  I located a good upholstery shop to do my seats and anticipate the cost will be around $1,000.00 so I need to fit that into the budget.  I need to buy an aftermarket gas tank, 8 inch rims and tires, glass, shorten my drive shaft, have an exhaust system fabricated and get my inner fender wells and other small items powder coated.  At that point I should be driving the car........famous last words. 

W/R, Ron.