Dave finds 3 more J's

Picked up two more Js Aug.8,2007 for parts but may turn one into a gasser and one into a trailer. A good friend was helping with the pickup of the two cars on a Sunday and on the following Monday returned to work with a tail of picking up a couple of Henry Js. One of his co-workers then mentioned that he knew of a J 15 minutes out of the city. I was able to track down the owner and purchased a very complete 51 J. Floor needs attention. The seller said it ran 5 yrs ago when he parked it.

Winnipeg,Mb. Canada

Daves First J


"David Popp" <rootbeer@mts.net>
Date:   Fri, October 5, 2007

Sept.1, 2007 the forth Henry J was in the driveway. The next weekend some electrical work was done, new fuel lines installed...fresh gas and the six cylinder was running again. The fella I purchased the car from (colonel was his nick name) had the car since 1990 and never registered the car. He only drove the car around the trailer park in which he lived. This one I hope to restore.