Ed Lopes Has a New Henry J
June 19, 2007

     Just started a new project. I found an all steel '53 J with a new blown 383 stroker chevy already installed. Car is at the fabricators now getting some custom bodywork done. It should be back next week. Then a new coat of 2007 Ford Mustang blue paint with "Tru Flames". License plate reads "Blown.HL" I'll get pics to you when it comes back next week, when it's painted and when it's finished.
     Aug 1, 2007

     Here is what the fabricator did: Shaved all handles and mounting brackets, created one of a kind front valance to replace the stock bumper, edge finished rear wheel well openings and blower opening in hood, installed new four link rear suspension, tubbed rear end and shortened axles, created new rear body panel (beneath trunk), relocated brake master cylinder to under body and switched from mechanical to electric braking system, totally shaved stock dash panel and re-shaped floorpan to accommodate new style ceramic headers, cut and replaced fuel filler external neck with remote controlled fuel filler door . They also re-created the radiator mount to clean-up the existing stock mount.

Next we are going to lay out the dash and then it is off to the painter for a few coats of 2007 Mustang Aqua Mist Dark Blue paint. When it's back I'm going to have the car flamed. I'm going to go with a process called "True Flames". That's a patented process developed by a guy named Mike Vallalee. The flames look like real fire. I'm going to flame the front (front half of hood) on back to about mid-door. Then I'm having the flames painted on the firewall behind the motor to make it look like the motor is on fire.

The guy that does the flames is great at hiding things like skulls and faces in the flames (you really have to look hard to find them). I'm going to have him put a devil's head in the flames to be consistent with the car's name "Blown Hell". Interior's last. Lots of leather and electronics. Pioneer 7" color display control panel with navigation and sound system. This one is going to be fully insulated and air conditioned. I'll keep you updated.