For Sale 1951 Henry J
That was recently rescued from long term storage. 

     The original owner passed away late last year and he was a bit of a  hoarder. He had put the car in storage (date unknown) after it had  accumulated only 24,000 miles. The car is looks to be in Stock codition and original. It  even appears to be the original paint but black is not an original color.  The only rust on the car is the surface rust underneath. The body/floors are 100% rust-free. The pics will speak  for themselves. All fluids (except oil) were removed before storage (gas, coolant, brake fluid) so there was onsiderable effort involved in caring for the long-term condition of the vehicle. After refilling the necessary fluids and installing a new 6V battery, she took very little to get running. At first we ran the car off of a remote gas tank thinking that there might be old gas in the tank, but once we figured out that the tank had been drained, she now runs fine with the new gas in the tank. And by running fine, I mean very fine -- the motor sounds smooth as it should with only 24,000 miles. The brake system has been fully reconditioned -- the car is fully roadworthy, reliable and ready to enjoy and show.  We're guessing that the car has been in storage for at least 30 years. I've driven the car around the block and all else seems to be good. Also on blocks in the garage with the J was a 1970 Country Squire Wagon with 22,000 miles -- that was apparently his threshold to keep the old and go get a new car!! Bless his heart!"

I absolutely love the originality of the J (this is my soft spot relative to classic cars), but I just do not have room for another toy (I'm already at the one-too-many stage). This car needs to go to someone who will appreciate such a pristine survivor. I will provide additional pictures if requested.

I am asking $12,000 for it. The car is located in the SW suburbs of Chicago.


Date:   Wed, October 3, 2007