Allstate build - latest updates
Dad been itching to build a Henry J into something he thought about making when he had his J back in the late 50's. I'm glad to donate the Allstate for his project.
MT Slicks
Garage sale find
Even though he went with a 265 V8 Chevy back in the day he wanted to try building up a L_Head 161 6 cyl that would have came in the car.
He had a plate made to the size of the gasket to start the build.
Quick test fit for the rear carb and exaust routing
Since the engine has a slight lean to the rear the carbs need to be mounted ground level and inline with each other.
Everything mounted.
Engine started right up!  Then with a little adusting of the three carbs it runs quite nicely.
Fuel manifold.
Late October time to put the J's away for the winter.

Lots more work to do on the driveline and engine.
There seems to be a bit more HP since it has a much better throttle response even turned the MT's and put a couple back marks down the driveway.