Clifton Lamb's 51 Henry J project   

In Loving Memory Of My father (Edward L. Lamb) ( 1937-1997) 10 Yrs passed.

     Well my dream is finally coming true.  I was a small child when I saw a car come down my road ( deadend road in Boo Foo)  I asked my dad what kind of car it was and he told me that it was a Henry J, well then I told him that I wanted one he then told me goodluck finding one now dad has passed and gone now for ten years and I'm 34 yrs. old  and now I have my Henry J.  He would be so proud of his son.  I first purchased a 52 Allstate from Tom Haney in Austin, Tx and then decided I wanted a Henry J in stead of the Allstate so I packed up and left Ohio and traveled to Tex Deans place near Tulsa, Ok.  Well unfortually they were having the worst ice storm in history.  Well I made it home safely with my 51 Henry J and now its under construction.  Here are my first couple days of improvement.  I had to Fab. up the passenger side rocker corner which turned out great and I'm very pleased.  This car will be tubbed with a tube chassis and a Fatman frontend.  I will be posting more as the project progresses. 

If anyone may want to contact me I would love to talk Henry J

Clifton Lamb                                                                                                 
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Date:  12-27-2007