Marvin Bister  Battle Ground, Washington.

    My brother found found this my Henry J for sale in eastern washington, It was used as a drag race car. The 1/4s have been cut for slicks, dash cut out, just stripped of every thing. Out of shear luck, stumbled across another 51 for parts. Thats were's my new 1/4s - dash and most of the stuff I was missing is coming from.

    Its a 52 Deluxe, I'm making it a Street Rod with a 406 stroker a 350 turbo, 9" rear end. I used a "88" S-10 frame, with a few mods. to fit it to the body and so I can run the 31"x13" tires. I also channeled the body 51/2" over the frame. It's been fun so far, just getting started. I've been working on it for 8 months.

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Date: 04.28.2008