Father Son Build

    This is my son and I first car project together it has been a wonderfull father son bonding experiance through the hard and easy parts of this build. We bought this car only in mached up condition our goal was to build a period correct gasser so everthing has been hand preped  primered and painted in our shop. the motor is one of ours   {BOB SMALL,S AUTO MACHINE inc } 500hp pump gas  and filled with all the good stuff built for thre street  10.5 cr gear drive roller motor etc . 2/ 500 edelbrocks on a tunnel ram msd ign carter electric fuel pump and a 16gallon fuel cell .fenderwell headers tilt front end. the rearend is a ford 9  with a pair of 31 spline  strange axles tucked into a narrowed buick housing 355 gears and a live ladder bars our trans is a t 400 with a 2800 stall all the good parts and a aluminum B/M trans pan to hold the juice for safty we ran disc brakes up front  with a rear brake perportioning valve  through frame 2X4 Frame
9in Ford rear 467BIG CHEVY with all the good stuff. Halibrabds W/ Street Slicks Cragersup front Turbo 400 Trans.
                                      ROBERT &ROBERT

June 12, 2009