Steve Tonan's '53 Henry J cover car!
July 3, 2009

     His was a '53 Henry J, With a Chevy Rat 350, It ran about a 9.50(?) I'm not too sure, It has around 12 coats of deep candy burgundy, It had a buggy front spring, all fully tubbed and was a very well known car in California in the early 80's. My uncle was a well known racer along with his pal who helped him with the Henry Dwayne Powell of "foot" his nickname. The Henry was an old gasser that my uncle bought and put back out on the road.

Tan interior 
All pro roll cage.
Huge Goodyear Slicks.
Front end fiberglass
Trunk fiberglass
Doors fiberglass

     My uncle's? whole idea for the Henry was for it to be real fast and very lightweight. It has msd-6 ingnition He was feautured on the cover of HOT ROD MAGAZINE August 1985.  They did a article on street racing and Steve and a few of his buddies made it into the magazine. The Henry is in the back,  The car was totally street legal, and it had
SOMEDAY pinstriped on the rear fenders. He put alot of work into it, He got? my dad and his friends involved with helping him build it up and would take them out on saturdays to race. One day I'm going to recreate this same car.

Andrew Tonan