Bruce Rosenberg
1951 Henry J

      It's an old drag car from the 60's with a fiberglass tilt front end, straight axle, cut out rear fender wells and a BIG dog house where the front seat used to be. I don't have any history on the car, but I plan to leave it a 60's gasser as I feel there is nothing cooler on the planet!! I've got a tunnel-rammed 350 small block Chevy with a Crane roller cam, Dart heads, Jackson gear drive and fender well headers. It will roll on a set of 15 x 10 and 15 x 4 five spoke Americans and a pair of Hurst "pie crust" slicks. The grille will be replaced with an aluminum "Moon" fuel tank. LOVE those jacked up gassers!! 

     The gauge holes will be filled with vintage Stewart-Warner gauges, and an old original Sun 10-grand tach will reside on top! I found an old-school Hurst shifter that will be mounted to the floor to control the turbo 350 trans. A vintage 3-spoke wheel will steer it down the streets of the past!!

Beaverton, Oregon
Date: 10/18/2009