'51 Henry J Gasser

I am offering this vintage drag racer for sale to be finished under contract by my shop to your specifications.

The price depends on how you want it finished.  This car was prepared as a drag racer in the 60's.

I am currently in the process of doing rust repair and body work. I am about 60% through this process. The rust is being cut out, and steel panels are being formed to replace the damaged areas.

At this point the car could go in about any direction you choose, (vintage drag racer, pro-street, current NHRA race car, street rod) if you are seriously interested contact us now, as it is a work in progress, in the coming weeks the body work will be completed.

If no one enters into a buying arrangement with us, work will proceed to the drive train where a vintage fuel injected small block Chevy with a 4 speed will be installed as was common practice in the 60's. Next a roll bar and bucket seats will be fitted and the car will most likely be painted competition orange

C&C is well qualified to finish this old racer to show car quality, and/or make a solid well engineeered driver. Fabrication, machining, wiring, plumbing, body work and paint will all be done in house. In the last 2 years, 3 cars prepared by C&C have appeared in 4 shows, and won 4 awards; not to mention the other engine swaps, restorations and complete paint jobs we have done on other special interest cars. If you are like most hot rodders you want to be involved in the project, directing the creative aspects of the build, performing at least some of the work yourself, and you probably have or want to supply some of the components (engine transmission, etc). I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with my customers. Come on down to C&C lets build something together.