Mikes 53 Project
Date 9-15-2010

I probably have seen Henry J's as a street cars, never paid much attention to them.  I went to the Drag strip (Marine City International Speedway & Detroit Drag Strip) with my older brother in 1962/1963.  I remember watching Color Me Gone and Bob's Ford Racing.  That's when Color Me Gone was a super stock Dodge.  Also in the gasser class there was a Henry J, I can remember him at the starting line, how he came bouncing out.  That was back when they had flagmen, before they had the Christmas tree, now they are not using the Christmas tree.  From that time on I've always wanted one.  Almost bought one a couple different times, but for some reason or other I never went through with the deal.  Here it is 48 years later, I got me one.  I have built a few models Henry J cars through the years, and I still have one today. 

It followed me home, My wife said I can keep it. July 2010