Updates on Rememer When Racing Top Sportsman Henry J

     The biggest change has been to the engine. We currently run a 565 C.I. BBC with 12 Degree Pro-Filer Hitman heads with (2) 1150 Pro-System Dominator carbs and the Edelbrock Super Victor Fogger (NOS) system. Just last Friday at the Goodguys Joliet, IL Friday Nite Drags we ran our fastest time and speed ever at 7.17 ET at 191.46 MPH. Keep in mind this is in a steel body Henry J, we even run the stock steel doors on the factory hinges. Only the front clip is fiberglass(wheelbase extended 8" to 108" wheelbase). If you notice the black nose in a couple of the pictures, this was due to contact with the retaining wall up at Stanton,Mi. at the Div. 3 race on July 10-11. Thanks to Scott Leber at Scotts Rods, he was able to build a replacement nose and some extension pieces( he bought the Rods n Race molds), without Scott's help I do not think we would have been able to get back out and finish the season.


Thanks, John Wiley