Butch’s 51 Henry J

   We bought this 51 Henry in May of 09 before it was completely stripped down on its way to a drag strip. All go and no show at the time. Turning it into a streetable monster has been a long (and expensive) trip, but it’s been a fun process! New 383 Stroker (Oct 2010) Blueprint Engines with Aluminum Heads (2.02/1.60) – 420 Hp model. We added a Full Roller Set, Gear Drive, Sanderson Headers -6 MSD Ignition, and Dual Edelbrock 650’s. We’re in our break-in period right now, so I haven’t dyno’d it yet. I’m figuring we’ll have about 460 at the rear. We backed it with a new TCI Streetfighter 700R4 ( also in Oct 2010), 2400 stall speed converter, and 3.90’s in the rear. It has a Stage 3 Fat-Man Mustang II Front end in Stainless (Installed By Doug Hampton Racing - Lots of custom Fabrication Required), Unisteer Under-Dash Electronic Power Steering (way cool unit!!), Ididit Steering Column, Front Disk Brakes. New flat glass, window rubbers and felts, Fat-mat covered by a Custom Interior by Howard’s Upholstery, and new stainless exhaust. This car is a ROCKET and It’s a lot more fun to drive now with the rack and pinion instead of the straight axle and the 700r4 instead of the TH400. All that’s left now is minor body and paint. I want to drive it, not trailer it so we’ll piddle our way through that one!
Date: 01/09/2011