Tex Dean's Families Henry J's  MANY SOLD
Date: 01/02/201
My father passed away on October 27, 2010 he will be missed.

    There's approximately 30 cars sitting on our property, some of the cars are parts cars only since were still selling parts all over the USA. The J's start out at $3000.00 and go up depending on the cars. All of them are rollers only. Once the weather warms up some, my brother and I and my dad's partner along with my mother are gonna do an inventory to see what all my dad has left. Some of the pictures may be outdated best to call and ask what we have left. We have been getting alot of calls about parts, and the parts list changes all the time.

For current cars and parts call: Cristal Dean-Buchfink my cell is 918-521-1435 or my mom's home# 918-341-4813.

Tex's family has ( hard -to-find = obsolete) Henry J cars and parts for sale at competitive prices.

Price List in PDF Format

Location: Claremore, OK 74017

"TEX DEAN" <tjspjs@prodigy.net>