1951 Henry J

no trunk model,NO RUST, titled project car w 350/350 

Car could easily go either way at this point, nostalgia gasser or street car. Most metal work done and in primer sealer and near paint ready(final sanding). Still needs roof dent work. The car is 80% plumbed w all components mounted. It is not wired, The car has been soft assembled to check fit and show how complete it is. The ONLY reason for swapping is that my health has taken a down turn again w a planned surgery  in Aug and the associated recovery I will not get this car finished anytime soon.

  $$16K invested. Make a trade offer. Collectible vintage DRIVERS only. If I like the car we will not get into values. But cash price is $9000 w motor + trans $7800 w/o , A trade would be higher and a trade plus cash to me would be preffered over all cash or a straight trade. Not to say I will not do a straight up swap, I  will on the right car.

Consider the cash price firm-NO delivery is avail.

NO long bed or 4x4 trucks, Model A cpes/PU's,Model T cpe's or buckets (too hard for me to climb in),late models(after 1976). I am not into post 51 or OHV Ford drivetrains



A PILE of New parts in, on and w the car.  ITEMS W * ARE AVAIL. AT ADDITIONAL COST. Partial list-

NEW window fuzzy kit

NEW “Tanks” repop Henry J gas tank

NEW 3/8”  ALUM. Fuel line front back to Holley Elec. Fuel pump to TANKS tank

Holley Elec. Race Fuel pump

NEW Jegs Fuel Pressure Reg. *

NEW Large Fram Chrome/Orange can fuel filter *

NEW Rubber insulated line clamps for Bat + fuel lines-not installed

NEW nylon line clamps for brake lines-not installed

Rear mount battery box w welding cable Hot lead to Stater area.

NEW Classic Inst. Fuel tank sender

NEW In Box Mr Gasket Mega Shifter*   

NEW Grant 13” tri spoke foam grip nostalgia steering wheel *

Speedway racing steering wheel 15” 

NEW Grant Horn kit 

NEW 30” POLISHED STAINLESS steering tilt column

New Borgeson steering shaft Ujoint w dampner   MII to ¾ DD stainless

New Borgeson Ujoint   1” DD to ¾ DD stainless

NEW ¾ DD shaft                     

NEW in box Edelbrock carb

NEW Edelbrock Performer intake

NEW chrome valve covers

NEW radiator flexsteel hoses

NEW Thermostat housing

NEW Currie driveshaft

NEW floors+ I/O rockers,

NEW foil faced heat barrier -2 rolls

Misc NEW fender hardware

NEW FatMan stub w MII,

NEW Fatman 2” drop spindles

NEW Tubular A-arms,

NEW Chrome tilt column,

Escalade Power buckets and Orig. back seats,

NEW Repro  ’67 Mustang 289 HP 3 core radiator

PolyUre. Engine /trans mount kit (* w engine/trans only)

NEW trans cooler and lines

NEW Flexsteel radiator hoses (* w engine/trans only)

NIB Kwik Wire 20 circut kit *

NEW Body/fender/lens rubber

NEW door/hood bumpers

NEW window seal /fuzzie kits,

NEW TINTED windshield,

NEW IN BOX Currie rear drums backing plates + brake kits

Has all orig. side and rear glass

Has both Orig. Bumpers (Driver quality rear,Front could use some help) But no front brackets.

NOS emblems, tail and lic. lights,

NEW 11" GM disc brakes,

NEW CP Corvette Power MC and Proportioning valve

NEW # 4 Residual valve (front)

NEW Hedman headers

NEW dual exaust

8" ford 2:73 open RE.

New Rear springs

NEW Power Ant. *

NEW Tri bar Glass Halogen hdights *

VDO * and stock gauges

NEW Moon Tach *

NEW Newport Eng. 2 speed Henry J wiper kit

NEW Mr Gasket spoon pedal

Mr Gasket braided carb linkage kit

NEW OS Rear View mirror (door edge) *

NEW in box Biege headliner

Has all door (I+O) + window handles, top bows etc

Trades ACCEPTED: I will NOT add my cash.





LOW BALLERS SAVE YOUR FINGERS I AM NOT BROKE OR HARD UP.  I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE THE CAR AWAY for any less than I am asking nor trade it for just any kind of junk. My ONLY motivation here is getting into a driver w bit of cash left over.(house could use new shingles)

 NO PAYPAL now or ever. Deposit required if you want the car held for you for more than a few days. The car will stay listed until paid off.