Gregs 1952 Kaiser Allstate
Date: 07/04/2011

   I just finish putting my car back together. I have had the car since my high school days, 1970ís, its the second car I ever owned. My friend and me put a Hemi in it and raced it at Fontana, Irawindale, and Orange County in Calif. I kept it all these years so I could build it again and drive it. I went to Art Morrison for a chassis, built a  540 merlin, a 400 turbo and 9 inch rear. I made the car street legal and drive to and from the drags, 10.80 street legal and car shows, its a blast. When I went to get my car licensed, I found that for so many years I thought the car was a Henry J, but its a Sears Allstate # 40 of 2000 sold.