Reversed wheels for a stock HJ
Date: 2 Dec 2009

   If any one would like to have reversed wheels for their stock HJ  It's cheap  Just find a set of 1952 Plymouth wheels and use the Plymouth outer ring and the HJ center The Plymouth is 1/2 inch wider but gives a great reversed look.  Want stronger springs on the front  use early 90's  Ford Ranger pickup springs and use a zip cut to take off the bolt curl on the spring  They are a little thicker than HJ    The first set I tried were off a bronco 11  and were to stiff   I used these on my black HJ for 40 thousand miles   Oh  when you drill out the rivits on the Plymouth wheel you will need to drill out a lip to disassemble and some of these wheels are welded instead of rivits  Can't use those

Earl  James
Prince George   Canada