Built by Kaiser on the "HENRY J" design
Sold by SEARS ROEBUCK using their automotive
brand "ALLSTATE" only 2363 were built -less than 35 are known to exist today.

This car is very original, including plaid upholstery,
rare Allstate full wheelcovers, original Allstate
taillights, horn button, coil, voltage regulator, etc.
It is pictured on page 9 of Richard Langworth's book "Great American Automobiles of the 50's"

Judged 138 points on a scale of 200 on July 13, 2000 at the Kaiser Frazer National Convention
Judging sheet can be faxed for your inspection With very little cost an effort, it could become a 185 + point Gold award winner

Owned since 1968 by KFOCI members
Rex Norgard
Bob Templeton
George Buchinger
Lowell Johnson

The last 14 years, owned by Allstate Insurance Agent and used for advertising, car shows, parades,etc. If you are not interested in buying it yourself, tell your local ALLSTATE AGENT that you have seen it here, as it is a geat advertising tool